Saturday, October 11, 2008

St Pancras station

For some time now, St Pancras Station in London has been in the process of refurbishment as the new eurostar terminal was built. The outside is still under construction and sporting a rather optimistic advert for a £10 million pound penthouse above the station. ( Not so much on the wrong side of the tracks as right on them as far as I can see...)

However, the inside, which is a mere 4 mins walk from the hotel I use has now become a destination in itself. It houses really good bakeries and M&S supermarkets and a 24 hr Starbacks ( mots in london clase, irritatingly at about 8pm) as well as a late opening brach of Foyles bookshop, all a tasetful blend of new glass and old brick archtitecture. The roof however, is what inspired me - these photos were taken whilst waiting for my boilded egg and bread basket for breakfast at Le Pain Quotidien.

Feel free to take the photos if you want to use them as inspiration for your art.

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floribunda said...

why do I always think "St. Pancreas" when I see that station? (was he the patron saint of diabetics?) okay, nevermind! Congratulations on your published pattern, by the way.