Sunday, October 12, 2008

Brenda's class

This weekend I got to go to Chilcompton to take a class with Brenda of Serendipity Quilting and a fellow Twelveby12 quilter. Many gold stars must go to Dennis who did all 10 hours of driving there and back while I whimpered in the passenger seat about not feeling well with my head cold When I was awake that is. En route we did a short detour off the M6 to visit Goose Chase quilting. It is a small shop with a large stock but most of it was piled all over the floor by the narrow aisle so it was hard to browse it. Also the unfriendly shop assistant looked very unhappy at the prospect of me taking photos of the inside even when I explained to her it was for publicity for the shop. First time that has happened to me. In revenge I limited myself to merely a meter of fabric.
Then on to Midsomer Quilting where I spent £116 which I think gives you an idea of the quality of the welcome! Without any planning at all Brenda and I arrived in the car park at the same time. Despite never having met we quickly established that we are quilting sisters. The Laundry King (David, Brenda's husband) was also there and I am told spent some time checking with Dennis whether I was as obsessed with quilting and the Internet as Brenda was. Apparently I am.
We spent last might in the Rajpoot Indian restaurant in Bath and then today Brenda taught her Waking Waves Workshop and took opportunity to show case the techniques used in her mini quilts made in practice of her final Twelveby12 quilts at the same time. As you can see, she can hold a crowd!
Half way through the day I remembered that my Cousin's wife is pregnant and given that Caleb her first child got this quilt I might as well make my blocks into a cot quilt. So I got on with things and here it is.

I have to say that it is my bastardisation of Brenda's techniques because as I had already done curved piecing she showed my the variation she used in her Coriolis quilt and I being a rebel could not resist adding in just one more cut and shuffle. I had a great time and will be using my pile ( and piles) of left over fabric for more quilts from her technique over coming months.
An added bonus was that I met a blog reader in the class, Tina whose blog is here. I have to say though that our conversation was odd - I kept trying to tell her stories and she would say, "I know, I printed that one out from the blog." Scary how much I tell you !


Gerrie said...

Hi! Fun to see two of the twelves together. I think Terry, Kristin and I win the prize for the most 12s together at one time, however!

Diane said...

Oh, I'm so glad you got together. Looks like you had a wonderful time -- and I love what you did, Helen! (Funny, when Brenda and I met, David and my husband did the same marveling over quilting and internet stuff...)