Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Missing but in action

I am heartened that my disappearance for about twenty minutes ( well that's what I thought it was - readers tell me it is now over two weeks!) has been noticed and commented on. I am in fact safe and well.... apart from my left index finger. Yup, rotary cutter accident. One little slip, one large flap of skin, blood everywhere and two and a half hours in a minor injures unit. We fled the house in haste so all I had was purse and a soon read copy of Strip Patchwork ( books with black and white pictures are really not inspiring!). I resorted to paper weaving with their health care leaflets and a coffee stirrer and was about to embellish with Wheat Crunchies from the vending machine when I got called in. I was so annoyed with myself as I had finally got a few hours clear to myself and was embarking on a fabric book of City and Guilds samples when I slipped and did it. Such a waste of time.

Dennis tried to ban me from the cutter at least for the evening on my return. But really, now the finger is so padded it is after than ever so I managed to transform a lever arch file with samples stuffed into plastic folders into this - I am much happier with it and plan to do the same for all the rest too.
This is the book of traditional quilt blocks from the first few weeks - nothing interesting really!

But my absence was really caused by work and pleasure travel. Since my last post there have been two trips to London a heavy week of days in Manchester for work and one trip to class in Penrith and another to a show in Harrogate. Next weekend I go all the way to Chilcompton ( about 4 hrs) to attend a class with Brenda. Not many sleeps now... very excited!

However, the travel has in fact been very inspiring and I have lots to show and tell. At the moment I am in a rare local phase of work and am in my Chambers waiting out the rush hour so I am going to schedule several posts so that although I may not be able to post in person again for a while you will hopefully be entertained. ( do you people have nothing better to do?) Then when I get home I plan on adding photos to posts then sitting still with hot chocolate and reading 2 weeks worth of blogs on Google reader....!

PS later... why do none of the notions companies make a pretty finger guard to sell with their cutters?


Carol said...

There is a company that makes what is called a "Klutz glove" to wear when you are cutting. Not sure who makes it. Glad to hear that you were just busy.

Kristin L said...

I wish you a speedy recovery for your finger. Between art school and quilting, my left index fingertip is a good 1/8th inch skinnier than the right one so I know whereof you speak! Those injuries hurt too -- so many nerve endings in fingers!!

Garnered Stitches said...

Call me sad but you don't know how pleased I was to see you blog appear at the top of my fav blog list. You're back!
Now looking forward to the backlog of interesting things you will be posting!
Best wishes

Elaine Adair said...

A finger guard - duhhh, I never even thought of that! Fons and Porter make a Klutz Glove, but frankly, it looks very awkward, since many of us make a cut here, another there, and putting that glove on and off seems irritating.

I wish you painless recovery, and not too many guffaws at your expense.