Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I'm back!

Sometimes I fall off the blogging log. Its easy done. There you are gymnast like, carefully balancing life and blog then out of the corner of your eye you see a tempting and time consuming activity and - plonk! - off the log you go. I hope that I will be forgiven. Assuming you even noticed that is. Anyway, the good news is that I have been getting some fiber work done. Finally I am working on a series. (oooooh, get me -big grown up textile artist like words!) I am happily playing about with variations of the first wall hanging I made when I came home, inspired by aboriginal art, using aboriginal fabrics in very small doses and, hopefully, looking nothing like aboriginal art but somnething like I might be working towards acquiring my own style.

The one above is the second in the series and you have seen it before but it now has the machine quilting on it but not the hand quilting.  These thin ones to the side are awaiting quilting. they are made with fabric from a scrap bag from Lisa Walton at Dyed and Gone to Heaven Each is made by dividing one thick strip and inserting a thinner one vertically then some horizontal strips too. the fabric really dictated the format. sorry about the wonky floor photo.  As we have a trip to Bath coming upnext week, I hope to get the machine quilting done here and the hand stitching there but time is running out...
I also spent five hours putting letters around my South island souvenir quilt. I could not get the printer to do large enough letters so I had to draw and make templates and cut them out and arrange them on the floor using Stean a Seam 2. Only I didn't press them on enough so when I lifted the top onto the ironing board most of them fell off again. Grrr. Now I have to sew them.... later. Much much later when I have forgotten that I don't love it so much!
I chose the focus fabric for the blocks in Picton becuase the words reminded me of how I felt on that very relaxing part of the trip. Then the log fabrics were all accumulated elsewhere in the South Island of new Zealand. Some of the scraps got made into an as yet paperless and strapless journal cover.
And that folks was about it for the weekend apart from some very nice hours spent on 'my sofa' at Cedar Farm journalling and reading textile arty books.

Monday, March 01, 2010

Not much to show for a month..

Despite my having a month at home and off work there is not really that much quilting stuff to show for it. I do think I work more productively with less rather than more time. Of course I have been doing other time consuming stuff like househunting as well.

So this is what there is so far:
A wallhanging with aboriginal fabrics and handdyes by Lisa Walton. This will be on show at the relocated Trentham Gardens quilt show ( now at Utoxeter Racecourse on 9th - 11th April) Its not really wonky - its just that Dennis was holdig it up for me - not the best way to photograph it.
Some details for you.

I have discovered I really like mixing machine quiting with hand quilting/ embroidery in perle threads.
This is another one with aboriginal fabrics in progress - I started it at class in Penrith but spent far more
time talking so mot much progress so far!
I think yiou may have seen this small art quilt before. It is based on maori korowai (raincapes).
Then last night I made this - it is an unfinished top only so far - the eads are not yet attached just being auditioned and it needs a lot of stitch and embellishment yet.
And these blocks now actually have been assembled and borders put on ready for some applique on the borders - but frankly I am too lazy to go and rephotograph it! The fabrics were all collected in the north of the south island of New Zealand, so between Nelson and Christchurch.
And of course I have also completed my Twelve by Twelve challenge quilt in blue, white and black which will be revealed later today UK time as the US wakes up to the Ist March!

Trentham Granden show relocation

This is a post for UK readers really (or travelling foreign readers I suppose).

I have been asked to publicise the fact that the Events Pavillion at Trentham collapsed recently after a heavy fall of snow. Trentham Estates are unable to be certain that they will be able to repair or replace the structure in time for The Trentham Gardens quilt show on  9th, 10th and 11th April, but the organiser, Margaret, has managed to relocate to Uttoxeter Racecourse and Conference Centre, Wood Lane, Uttoxeter, Staffordshire, ST14 8BD for the same dates. This venue is a short drive from Trentham and so you can still combine the show with the gardens at Trentham if you wish to do so.  (Joint tickets remain available) Directions are available here.

My favourite trader Magie Relph of  the African Fabric Shop will be there as ususal and I doubt I shall be able to resist her Ghananian batiks!

Although, given the amount of fabric I accumulated recently maybe I will just binge on her beads. But what colour? These recycled glass beads are all so pretty and the big ones come on elastic circles just like the edible braclets we used to get as a kid.

Maybe I will go multi colured with these plastic beads which come on sticks - you are supposed to pull them off but sometimes I like to couch down the stick.

And then of course there is the perle threads she sells in set of three co-ordinating colours which I love to quilt with ....