Thursday, October 09, 2008


I have discovered it!

I mean I knew it existed- my Mum's house is full of beautifully executed examples of it, but I had never liked any of the kit pictures available and in any even saw it a bit like paint by numbers which does not stimulate the creative side of me enough to justify the time it takes to complete them.

Then I made an exception for these African Folklore animals and realised as I did them that I could get very interested in freestyle embroidery. ( I also realised that I cannot do a decent chain stitch to save my life!) So my Best Quilting Buddy who is an embroiderer took me along to the Fashion and Embroidery show at Harrogate. There I met Julia Triston who was at a booth for her City and Guilds business Stitch Business. Her enthusiasm, and then standard of the work on show from her students made me want to cry ( because it highlighted what a bad experience I have been having with my current course) and thrilled me ( Me, me me too! let me play! I can do that !)

It transpires that because I already have the design part of the Certificate In Quilting that I need not repeat that section to get the C&G certificate in embroidery - I just do the actual stitching part. As I was about to embark on teaching myself in a C&G style anyway it kind of seems sensible to actually get the qualification and benefit from expert tuition. However, I also want to go on to do the diploma in patchwork and Quilting... which to do first? A dilemma!

I think the solution is to slightly overlap the certificates so that I don't delay the diploma too long.... of course I know that there is no deadline or externally imposed timescale. But my own enthusiasm makes it painful to have to wait to learn how to do something I want to do now I have discovered my passion in life - I want it all NOW!!!!

Enquiries are being made on a sensible way forward.

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