Monday, August 05, 2013

Two special events at Festival of Quilts

I know I have been a slack blogger in recent months but I have to interupt my sloth to tell you about two very exciting things, both coming up later this week at Festival of Quilts.

First, there is the Buy a Plank Challenge. Anyone who went to the Uttoxeter show in April may recall the almost lifesized No I African Fabric Shop Shack I made in tribute to my good friend Magie Relph and of course Alexander McCall Smith, author of the referenced No 1 Ladies Detective Agency novels. It was fun to make and to get Magie's reaction, but what do you do with a 90 x 80 inch wallhanging?

Cut it up into pieces!

Yes, really! You can read all about it here. Basically after Festival the quilt will be cut into a limited edition set of planks ( each having a variety of fabrics) and the buyer will commit to turning their plank into another art work which is then guaranteed a place in a special exhibition at Uttoxeter next year. Hopefully many new art works will be made available for auction. Proceeds from planks and art works go to aid a clinic where one of Magie's fabric dyers volunteers. Buy your plank here before they sell out!!

Secondly, I am currently sitting in my lounge looking at a suitcase holding this exhibition

I have been extremely priveleged to have been asked to hang this gallery for curator Brenda Gael Smith as it has meant I have been able to touch and closely examine all forty quilts. I can honestly say it is a stunning collection. There is a varied interpretation of the theme, literally ranging from Life to Death and a whole range of techniques as varied as weaving,shibori,discharge, dye painting, raw edged applique and felting. Brenda's shows her skills as curator in her choice of entries and the way she has arranged the flow of the gallery. (Although she made an unusual lapse in judgment by choosing the weakest quilt -mine!-for the above graphic.)

I am confident this gallery will be one of the highlights of the show, so don't miss it!