Saturday, October 18, 2008

Fed up with almost-but-not-quite-finished projects and aware of pending deadlines for some swaps, on Tuesday I designated this Finish Up Week and wrote a ridiculously long list of things to get done. I then did nothing for three days but tidy up my room. So, I am inordinately pleased that there are only three tasks left on my list for tomorrow.

The best thing was finally completing this bag which has been hanging around for ages. It is the first of my five final pieces for my City and Guilds. It is sized to hold my machine extension table and two large plastic project boxes for when I quilt away so it is a substantial bag. It is inspired by Nigerian Egungun masquerade costumes.
I got the borders done on my Spring Fling quilt but the rules mean I can only give you this sneak preview. I had a panic because the centre sent to me was made from the kind of fabric I would never buy.. and yet there appeared to be two suitable additions in my stash somehow. I have no idea where they came from!
This little block for the Birthday block swap was a delight to sew as I collapsed in front of an episode of The Quilt show Late this afternoon.
And hexagons are the order of the day with this sample for my City and Guilds.
Other tasks are much more boring like this label. I really don't care much for the machine embroidered text but it was quick and will do for this give away quilt. The quilt is called Greenfingers. It was going to be called Grandfather's Garden but then I spotted there was no apostrophe available on my machine!
I also worked on my second City and Guilds piece which is required to focus mainly on quilting. This is the front, inspired by African Kuba cloths. It has some Italian corded quiting on it as well as machine quilting - it is not pieced but rather has little mini-quilts on mini-quilts attached to it.
Still to do - hand quilting on the back of the cushion, which will be a handy thing to do in the C&G class tomorrow. The photo does not show it well but it has a pattern marked on the yellowing strip which took forever to draft then transfer using the patio doors as a light box. I also want to work on finishing up the books holding all the design work for the two projects. Sadly I also have a load of work to read on Insolvency and Consumer Law for a three day residential Judicial course commencing in Warwick on Monday so it might not get done this weekend... but the course timetable seems to give us an hour or so between last seminar and dinner so.....!


Vicki W said...

The tote bag is very cool!

Kristin L said...

And I really like that corded quilting with the kuba blocks.

Sharon said...

After all the tidying up in your sewing room, congratulations on finishing 'Greenfingers'. The trapunto looks great, hope you find the time to move the project on.

English Rose said...

the bag is great, well done. thought I would pass on a tip from a friend, who watched me struggle to use the patio door as a light box, and then told me to use the machine extension table with a light under it. she could have said earlier!

Anonymous said...

I love that tote bag- sso very handy!