Tuesday, March 26, 2013

There'll be days like this..

We are in Bath again and today was the day my husband got to use his Christmas voucher for a VIP up close and personal experience with a Marmoset at Longleat Safari Park. Up we got bright and early bundled up against the cold ( it might was well BE Christmas not Easter !) and out to the car. He opened the back passenger door put his coat on the seat, closed it and this happened.

Right. So no monkeys today then. I rang Autoglass and did my best impression of a helpless female away from home in a dilemma and they are to come and fix it tomorrow. In the meantime the instruction was to wrap the hatchback in cling film to protect it from any rain ( more likley snow and sleet) that might arrive. Fine. The local convenience store stocks cling film. D went to get that and then left me to wrap while he went to call the Marmosets and see whether they might be free to recieve us another day soon.

But Cling film sticks to itself. Not at first to a car boot. So there I am in the whipping wind with this film whapping about and refusing to stay still long enough for me to achieve one complete wrap after which it would self-adhere.




Ha. You didnt expect that did you? But, on the back seat was my Osterley which has inside it some fragments of washi tape and a few Paperchase stickers I ripped up and which served to hold it down long enough for me to mummify the car.

Ah well, I think this video probably says it all...