Wednesday, October 08, 2008


My philosophy is that if I have to schlepp around the country for work, I may as well take advantage of it. So recently I travelled to London early to get to the Horniman museum and also went to a late opening at the British museum. Despite the dire lesson we had on my City and Guilds course on sketchbooks ( sum total advice: Cut some pictures out of magazines that are inspiring and stick them in) I have begun to understand the concept and purpose much better after reading this book.
I have a lot to learn but in the hope that it might inspire you, I display below some of the pages I made relating to masks (although they do not photograph very well - sorry scanning is just too much for tonight) and then a photo of the largest masquarade costume in the world ( or some such like - its the biggest of some kind!) from the Horniman.

I still find that my sketchbooks ar every neat note taking things rather than very artistic free pages. I did a very good online ocurse with Sharon Boggon through in which she gives very good tips, inspiration and examples of how to use a studio journal. Now I just need to start putting the lessons into practice!


Quilt Pixie said...

I know the only journals I feel free to just "be" in are one's I make with recycled brown paper bags (I can take a chance and "waste" paper if it was reclaimed from a bag somehow) AND only if I've called that journal one of my "idea books" -- 'cause I NEVER let anyone see inside my idea books, so if I completely flub up and end up with a scribble no one else will ever know.... A "journal" is too professional for my artist...

magsramsay said...

The sketchbook police like the quilt police would have you believe there's only one correct way. As a biologist I'm a firm believer in diversity - ignore them and find what works for you.