Sunday, January 28, 2007

Vicarious shopping

I finished this bag today. A bit more country than my usual taste but I was using up scraps to learn the construction technique.

You remember how I was on a self imposed fabric shopping ban policed (at my request) by my husband? Well, he liked this bag so much he asked if he could commission a bag for his Mum and one for his aunt. She he picked a couple of styles from Patchwork with Pizzazz. (Which incidently is the best book I have seen for bags because she gives you various construction methods and various ways of making handles then all the examples. Its really easy to make your own designs - much easier than some of the other books I have which give very specific and not easily adaptable patterns. About half of the book is bags, the rest simple quilts and wall hangings.)

Having agreed to make his choices I pointed out that bags, of course, require fabrics. So I went on line, narrowed down choices and he sat with and picked out the fabrics he liked (Actually choosing the ones I woudl have picked) and paid for them! So technically I did not buy fabric. I did add on a few reels of thread and a couple of packets of bobbins, seeing as he was already paying the postage charge... but there never was a ban on thread!

Much though I hate to say so, some of the fabrics have been ordered from the shop that let me down over the kit, simply because they do a Thimbleberries charm pack .... lets see how they perform this time!

I should say also that this conversation made me realise that I promised to make a back pack for a great friend about two months ago then promptly forgot all about it and she has been too good mannered to say anything. I know she reads this so : Sharon, I'm really sorry. I have actually bought the clasps for it but nothing else! I will cost it out soon if you still want it!!

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