Saturday, January 06, 2007

City and Guilds - Texture 2

I didn't post yesterday because I became completely engrossed with a project I started for my City and Guilds texture portfolio. I fell down the well you might say!
The brief was to come up with a design ( you are not allowed to use stitching) on the theme of texture and either the sky or the seashore. Another task for each portfolio is to research a particular artists who is a good example of the topic. I had done a bit about Tina Blatter who is blind and makes art to be touched, which, via a chain of thought with which I will not burden you, led me to the idea of making an altered book with different textures in and labelled in braille. Well labelled with yellow split peas actually but I am hoping they approximate braille! Here are photos of the pages.

One thing I said at the begining of this year is that my resolution was not to do anything new (the opposite of most years) and to concentrate on the hobbies I already had. Only the thing is..... I really enjoyed having a go at this. I did it at the kitchen worktop ( the only room I dare play around with paint in) and started at 7pm and didn't surface until gone half-past midnight. Trouble is I was standing on stone tiles in stockinged feet all that time and didn't realise how much my feet and calves hurt until I got up this moring and could barely walk!

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Purple Missus said...

What a brilliant idea Helen. Thanks for sharing.