Sunday, January 21, 2007

Nantwich sale - (or why I love my husband) Part 1

(I've divided todays post into 3 to make it easier to read / post the photos) Today was the Quilters exhibition and sale in Nantwich about 1 hour from me. Being an idiot I thought 'Sale' referred to the fact that people would be selling fabric and quilting things. I did not twig until I got there that 'sale' meant people would be selling things at massive discount it being January and all.

How excited does this photo make you?!

Dennis drove me there and when we arrived declined my offer that we should do the only bit he is vaguely interested in - look at the display of quilts - saying, 'No, thats not going anywhere but the fabric might. Go and shop first."

So I did and he sat quite happily reading his book. Or at least he wasn't weeping when I got back so I'll take it he was quite happy. I arived with the first three bags full and said, "You might want to control me." He looked up from his Ruth Rendell and said "Control yourself." Ha. Like that works. So I went and bought a few more bags. With almost all fabric at £4 per meter or less this was backing heaven so they were quite heavy bags. I returned, he took all the bags out to the car for me, we looked at the quilts - two of my favourites are posted below both by Dot Sherlock if I recall correctly - and then he came with me for another round of the stalls.

"Should I buy this?" I say fingering yet more fabric. "And I like this one and this would look great with that fabric you bought me for christmas. Shall I get them all?"

Shrug. "Yeah."

You've got to love this man!

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Helen said...

That sale fabric puts a smile on my face.