Friday, January 12, 2007

Happy shopper

As I finished court at lunchtime today in Chester I hared home for Dennis and went immediately out, still in suit, to catch the first day of the sale at in Southport. I came home with 43.5 metres of fabric!. Much was on the 'need right now' list for various projects but there were some great stash materials that said 'buy me, buy me' - like these ones from Senegal....

and these cotton based 'quilters lame' which has a wonderful sheen. I am told they can be slippy though so was recommended to use 'steam a seam' or similar to stablise the seams before sewing.

The colours all togther just make my head go zingy!! ( they, as ever, are much brighter than the photo)

Becuase I was on a lunch hour rush purchasing mission the last time I tried this shop I hadn't realised how reasonable the fabrics in this shop are - many selling for as little as £4.99 and £5.99 per metre including the same brand of plains I mass bought in Copenhagen for those who remember that post... i could have saved wrist strain trying to make my overpacked handluggage look swingable!!
On top of already great prices there was 10% off if you spent more than £10 on any fabrics and 20% of if you spent over £20. So here is the survey for today - have you ever come out of a quilt shop having spent less than £20 ( thats about USD £40 or Australian $50)?

I worked out that compared with average prices in the shop I often use ( and will continue to use) I saved £163!! Yipeee! And that's not counting the 3m of wadding thrown in for free so I am a happy shopper.

The wadding is a black ployester needlepunch which I would normally have avoided save (a) its to use on the the African quilts I showed recently a few posts ago so I have no qualms about it showing through and (b) a customer had made a sample for the shop with cream counry fabrics half with white and half with black batting and it was amazing how much better the light looked with black behind them. I would have said it would 'show through' but actually it is more like they were back lit. The top fabric colours kind of had more glow. So I am keen to do some samples with the off cuts of the wadding I will have left over. Also unlike the only other polyester I have tried it is not really 'bouncy'.

Despite buying so much I couldn't find single fabric I liked to back one quilt which is awaiting quilting .... so I do have an excuse for some more shopping this week at Just Sew.

I persuaded Dennis to come with me and he was wonderful -he sat on a chair with his arms outstretched as we piled cut fabric up onto him and never once objected to the amounts even when I found the African and lame fabrics and said 'I think I'll buy ths shelf!" Of course this may be that having just had a throat operation he can barely speak!

On the way home we went to a Lebanese restauant recommended to us by friends and it was only half way through the meal thatI realised that I had odd shoes on! I don't think I had been like that all day - I keep a pair in the car for driving in so I don't scuff my work shoes and I was so upbeat about the fabric I only changed one when I got out of the car!!
PS I know lame should have an accent on the e but I can't find it on my keyboard!


Erica said...

Aah, it's nearly as good reading about someone else's shopping spree as doing it myself! (nearly)I haven't heard of 'quilter's lame' but have used ordinary old lame before. It frays terribly but is fine on a lightweight interfacing. I'm all for a bit of glitz!

Helen said...

Ooh, luverly fabric. I was really glad to read your post. I was on a shopping spree yesterday and bought 25 metres (not nearly as nice as yours,), now I can tell my friends that I have only a mild case of fabric addiction!(vbg) Yes, I rarely come out of a shopping trip with spending less than $NZ50 plus. Oh well, Some people spend that much at the grog shop each week! At least with fabric it's almost a case of having my cake and eating it too.

YankeeQuilter said...

I haven't done a big shopping trip since I've moved to England...not for want of trying. That pesky conversion rate tends to put me off! You got some great fabric...have fun!