Sunday, January 21, 2007

Nantwich sale - or stash reorganisation - Part 3

(This is my third post today so you might want to start with the two below if you have not already read them).

How do you organise your stash?

For a while I have had mine in four baskets by size of the cut and within the basket by colour but it had all got a bit messy and even thought I knew in my head that I had several 'collections'of fabrics going on I thought after the sale today I'd better sort and see how close I was to having enough to do each quilt in my head.

So I tipped the lot over the floor

and bundled them up in bales either by particular projects wheer I knew what I was going to do with them or by colour theme - this is my Japanese bale.

Then I put the bales in the baskets. ( Wadding and scraps are in different - large- leather boxes)

Of course as they were full before I now have a bale of 'won't fit in the basket big pieces'. It is also interesting to note that I have two full baskets of African Fabrics! If I didn't know better I'd say it was an obsession. As I do know better I am saying that it is a 'series in planning.'
Also this does not deal with all the quilts actually started and the piled up dressmaking fabric downstairs. I have decided that a good plan would be to use some of the stash to make bags to keep all my ongoing projects in.
Sadly as I did all this I forgot to photo what I bought today except for this panel which of course goes in the Japanese bundle for a Kitty Pippen inspired quilt with sashiko..... some day!


Purple Missus said...

Helen, your blog is wonderfully well written. One of my favourite reads. You always manage to make me smile. Why don't you write a column in one of the quilting/craft/embroidery magazines? Everyone would love it I'm sure.

Erica said...

Don't know your email address so this is the only way I have to say THANK YOU! A squishy parcel arrived for me today with some GORGEOUS African fabric from you. Totally unexpected and totally wonderful. You really shouldn't have gone to so much trouble (but thank you for it!)

Sahara said...

Thanks for writing this.