Monday, January 15, 2007

Bits and unconnected bobs

1. Kits - I was at a class today in which another student was making a bag from a kit. The instructions were badly wrong and Yvonne our teacher said she was not at all surprised as in her experience kits are notorious for being wrong. (All irate suppliers of kits may coment and defend themselves.)

2. Working from home. All those interested in what Brenda said recently on her blog about being at home may want to check out the BBC site and listen online to a programme called Working fron Home - five daily 15 minute segments on the experience available on their Listen Back Facility. But be quick because it's only kept available for seven days and the first one was on 8th January.

3. Talking of working from home the great advantage of being self employed is that I can do just that or not as the case may be ... which means I actually 'worked' from a dressmaking class today. I guess my psychologist friend is right when she says I have an addictive personality. In my first class in December I rather doubtfully started making a skirt and was delighted to finish it. In my second lesson today we cut out all the pieces for , and started pinning, a matching dress, jacket and skirt in black wool ( boring but essential for work and jazzed up with a funky cerise paisley lining for the jacket and a seriously cool button) and bought enough stash fabric to make a trouser suit with matching skirt and dress in a blue pinstripe. In my defence ( there's always a defence!) there was a sale on ( of course) and the pinstripe cost me £18 (Convert that here and be amazed).

4. I have via Erica's site found out about a fabric swap and through one of my swap partners I have been led to which currently has a pincushion swap and one for beads and buttons swap on if anyone is interested. Once I have participated in a swap I can host my own so if anyone has any good ideas let me know ( or host them yourself!!)

5. How do you peel a butternut squash wthout making your wrist ache? Does anyone know? ( I told you these were unconnected thoughts today!)

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