Thursday, January 18, 2007

Quilting chat

We have gales in the UK at the moment with trains and planes off and many roads littered with overturned lorries. My garden fence has blown down. So it seemed a good idea not to drive to the gym ( like I need much of an excuse) but to stay in and play on the chat room at The Quilt Show site which went live today.

And aren't quilters nice people? When we got to talking stashes I confessed to the purchase or '43.5 metres of fabric I don't need yet' and asked ' Do I need therapy?' Immediately two replies bounced back from the States:

"Of course you NEED it."
"What do you mean? Buying fabric IS therapy."
I like being understood and colluded with!

Which is why - so long as the gales have subsided enough to allow us to drive safely over the fells at Shap I am going up for a sneaked extra day at Morceau in Penrith tomorrow. I was going to the Saturday class anyway so I will have a gluttonous 2 whole days, then on Sunday there is a show and sale at Nantwich in Cheshire which is an hour from my house in the oposite direction from Penrith! So no blog probably for a few days as I'll be at my parents who have an interminably slow dial up connection still

My mother commented today that she thought I had rejigged ny schedule so that there was less travel in it. Which I have done workwise but seem to have replaced it all with quilting travel. I suppose I could stay at home and quilt alone - I am capable of teaching myself from books, but the company is too good to miss. And the class is above a shop.......

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Feeling Simply Quilty said...

Quilting is one of the last tribal things women can do together. If not all working on one quilt, then working on your own in a group/class of supportive women. Learning more about leaving a quilt legacy is one of the greatest gifts we can leave future generations. Put a label on all your quilts for just that reason.