Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Suitcase contents

I have just returned from a night in the Dunkenhalgh hotel, paid for by the company I was lecturing for today. Given that I was only in my room for 2 and a half hours before going to sleep in which time I wanted a bath and to watch a TV drama and had to call home, when I came to unpack my suitcase I realised that the proportion of the contents in my suitcase were quite amusing:

1 change underwear
1 clean shirt
1 wash bag
1 crime novel
1 copy Australian Patchwork and Quilting Magazine
1 copy British Patchwork and Quilting Magazine
1 quilting journal ( in which I intended to write out patterns I liked from ....
1 (borrowed) copy of the book Passion for Patchwork.
1 unfinished tote bag requiring hand sewing stages to be completed
1 pin cushion
1 pair thread scissors
1 needlecase
1 lamp (lighting in hotel room is always too dingy for handsewing)
1 papercut block requiring tacking cutting and needleturning
2 reels of thread
1 new diary given to me in a fabric swap which I intended to use to keep a record of all my swaps in and to transcribe them from notes currently written in
1 filofax
1 folder containing 5 chapters of my novel which required editing
1 paperchase book for graph paper for designing a new quilt

Why is it that I am brilliant at assessing just how long a court case needs to be listed for or how long it will take me to do an advice, but am hoplessly optimistic in how much hobby stuff can be done in the time available?

(I got the bath, the thriller on TV, the phone call two binding strips on the bag and the transcribing of one set of instructions done. I resisted sewing in the bath but did read some of the crime novel in there!)


Helen said...

I am exactly the same during holiday time. Way too many projects planned for the time available.

dnomder said...

It has to be a woman thing because we know we can multi-skill.