Monday, January 08, 2007


I just loved the fabrics on my african snowball quilt so I have been using them up.

A long thin (70 x 20) quilt top, just the right size to throw over my high backed study chair and have it hanging over the back and right down over the seat. (And just the right side to practice some fancy machine quilting on when I get some backing. I know it sounds daft but I am seriously thinking of putting presstuds on the back when it is finished soI can curl the end up into a kind of envolope. Then, rather than have it over the chair back I can have it on my knees and my feet in the pouch! I hate wearing shoes in the house so I often get cold feet while I am working. I need a name for this invention - a marsupial quilt? It is straighter than it looks on this photo by the way.

And still there were scraps so I made a pincushion.
I have to be frugal and use scraps at least for a day or two because I had a blow out on Amazon last night and ordered 15 quilting books and a two year subscription to Quilting Arts!!

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