Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sydney fabric

One of the things I was trying to tell you in my oh so useless no-photo-links-don't -work-post was about my fabric shopping with Erica Spinks. These hand dyes, (of which I wish I had bought more but if you remember, the man from Qantas weight control he say no) are from Lisa Walton's Dyed and Gone to Heaven. I was lucky enough to visit her at home for cupcakes and see where it is all made.
She sells in ready co-ordinated packs but - as if it were one of the shows she attends as a vendor - I got to pick my own set out to match these aboriginal designed fabrics bought from Logans' Patchwork

We also visited Prints Charming - where we were treated to gingerbread having walked through the door juts as the packet was being opened! Their stuff is very cheery and modern and distinctive but doesn't really fit with what I buy and use so I just bought a small piece of linen with a design for embroidery printed on which I thought would go in a small bag and then when we went to Quiltsmith I got a fat quarter to go with it. (Yes, just one! it was some kind of miracle or heat stroke or something as the shop is huge).


Lisa Walton said...

You are always welcome to come back

June Calender said...

So glad your computer's come out of its funk and is now behaving! Those aboriginal theme prints are GLORIOUS!