Saturday, December 26, 2009

Boxing Day down under

Instead of huddling down in the cold and snow at home we went to the beach at Penguin on the north coast of Tasmania. We had the pleasure of the company of my whip-smart cousins's daughter, ten year old Aicha. We decided to have a little paddle, just our feet. Carefully. Gingerly.
Uhoh! Didn't see that submerged rock behind me when I stepped back. Splash!

Ah well. Wet now. And so is Aicha becuase she just waded in so we thought we might as well just keep going.

Fortuntately my Aunt Diana has been driving around with her old clothes in the car boot ready to go to the Salvation Army so I was able to drive home without soaking the car!


Judy said...


Glad you made it to our North West Coast, Penguin is a lovely spot.

Helen said...

I had to laugh, but was the water warm or cold??