Monday, December 21, 2009

Saritta King

I had been looking forward to seeing Aboriginal Art when I was in Australia as it is a genre of art which I like in general. I had been starting to learn more about the different areas and the meaning behind the art before I came but was still fairly ignorant about the individual artists. Which is why it was surprising to me to find that one artists in particular - Saritta King - drew me every time I walked into a gallery featuring her work.

She works in several series which are quite distinct and several times I said to a Gallery owner who asked me if I liked anything, "Well, yes. I love that Saritta King one there, but I like that other one here too."

"That's Saritta King too," they would say.

It is very difficult to explain why her work calls to me over all the others but it does with consistency. Sadly Dennis hates it as much as the rest and so it was not fair to buy a large piece for our home. (Although I mooned over one in particular in a bronzy-brown colur way fro a long time). But I did buy a small piece which I can hang where I sew ( and so where Dennis never ventures for fear of stray pins) and which will make me very happy.

The piece I have is now packed for transit so I do not have a photo but it is a small gold metallic version of her lightening series, not dissimilar to the photo above. You can see better images of her work here at the web site of the gallery I purchased from. You can also find there her biography and some links to her other series.

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