Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Canterbury Fibres

I am in a state of such deep relaxation these days that being bothered to write a blog is all a bit much. So I am very behind. Forgive me. As we set off from Kaikoura I said to Dennis, "Right, straight to Christchurch then?"

"Yes, " he said, "Unless there is a quilt shop on the way."
Seriously, he said that. And strangely enough, there were:

I got to go to Quilters Quarters in Rangiora, Cottonfields, Jolene's Web and Hand's all in Christchurch. Minimal shopping becuase I am becoming weight challenged. Well, not me, my luggage. I am considering saftey pinning all my half meters together and wearing them as a kind of sari on the next flight. I didn't think I'd get to Jolenes because on the map it looked out of the way. But the sat nav brought us in a different way and I suddenly saw a sign for the neighbourhood of Belfast. I knew that was where Jolene's was so I pulled into a car park to check the map and realised - I was parked in her car park. Some things are meant to be.

Our first full day in Christchurch I got to go to lunch with Robyn Kirk who did me that favour of taking my surplus Christchurch hotel booking off my hands when I advertised it here. She is pictured left with her friend Ann who joined us after lunch. Alastair Kirk, Robyn's husband drove us for miles ( and extra miles becuase we put the wrong Barker's Lane into the sat nav) to take us to see Jane van Keulen. The he sat and waited for us for an age while we noseyed around her studio. It might be that some of her threads ended up in my bag.

I nominate Alastair for Quilter's Husband of the Year for that but I fear he will not win as I also have to tell you that my very own husband wandered up to me when I was in the Quilter's Barn just outside Blenheim en route to Kaikoura and found me stroking the very same fabric I had bought a half meter of in Picton for a rather exorbitant price.
"You've got that one, haven't you?"
"I know. I know. But its pretty. I am wondering if I should get more," I say showing him how well it fits in with the other five bolts I have arrayed on the table already
He shrugs as if it is obvious.
"If in doubt buy more."
Seriously, he said that.
Although, thinking about it Alastair is in with quite a good chance as, two days later on the road to Christchurch and another four shops to come, out of the blue Dennis said,
"You know when I said, if In doubt, buy more?"
"I meant of that one fabric. Not fabric in general."
Sometimes the secret of a good, happy marriage is knowing when to take your spouses' advice and when to ignore it completely.

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