Saturday, December 19, 2009

From the business centre of the Shangri-la

Travel blogging without photos is quite sad so you are going to have to do some work and hunt out your own illustrations via links. What have I done since the laptop malfunction that is worth mentioning?

I have been shopping with Erica who enabled me to buy a lot of aboriginal designed fabric here. I was fortunate enough to visit these girls, the day before they close for a month and also to see the huge choice of fabric here although only one FQ actually called out to me. We then went to visit Lisa Walton where I bought a fair pile of her fabric but still regret not buying more. But the man from Qantas weight control, he say, no. (Which, I suppose is why she does mail order :))

I went here this morning and ate an Indonesian vegetable pancake and a huge strawberry jam doughnut for breakfast. One or the other would have been good. Both of them - well, its 4.30pm now and I am still pondering the wisdom of my choice.

I bought some art by this artist. It is a small version from this series. I would have bought a great big version in a blue colourway but Dennis hates all aboriginal art so I bought just a tiny piece to hang somewhere he won't see it! It's funny - I like Aboriginal Art full stop but in each gallery I have been to (and I have been to everyone I can find!) I am instantly drawn to work by this artist even when it was from other quite different series that I had never seen. Weird. Or maybe because she is unusually young the art is fresher and inspired by tradition rather than tied by tradition?

I was interested and inspired by this exhibition , this one and this one too - my sketchbook overfloweth. (And will in a couple months appear on my website I expect when I get home and can post photos and articles).

Oh and I did this too. As ever, I arrived early and was bumped to a group ten minutes before my scheduled start time just so I didn't have to hang around. The only time the climb does not operate is when there is an electrical storm within 10km. When we were climbing they pointed out lightening way over the Blue Mountains but then it started to move closer and my group was the last one allowed to the top - all others were hustled down quick smart for the night and re-booked.

Thank you for your 'keep blogging' comments'after my last post and Linda, I did immediately think of Firefox but how can I download it if I can't get online?! 'Its very frustrating!

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