Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Powerhouse museum

The Powerhouse Museum in Sydney has an exhibition on called Yinalung Yenu, meaning Women's Journey. It featured videos from six aboriginal women talking about their achievements in areas such as art, law, medicine and community leadership. the
teachers notes from the exhibition tell you more about the six women and why they were chosen.

Two women in particular interested me. I liked the art pieces of Bronwyn Bancroft and I was intrigued to see, when I later went on her website that in her gallery of work for sale she has some pieces entitled Life Weaving. These reminded me instantly of the gorgeous Dreamline series of quilts done by Brenda Gael Smith. Those quilts in turn have always reminded me strongly of the art of Patrick Tjungarrai.
Do the rest of you seem the same similarity?

The other woman, Larissa Behrendt had no art connection at all but if you read her wikipedia biography you will understand why I was fascinated with her story! She is one year older than me and makes me look like a right professional slacker! But then there is no evidence she knows how to make a quilt...!

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