Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas concert

Just before we left Sydney we went to the free Christmas concert in the Domain. A hundred thousand people were expected and the TV news had on at lunchtime that people had started to claim their spots on the grass at noon ready for the eight thirty start. Well, it was a hot day and there was no way were were going to sit out in the blazing sun, so we resigned ourself to tipping up after dinner at the start and hoping to get a glimpse from the far,far back.

In fact although every blade of grass for sitting on had been claimed by someone, the organisers had left the pathways criss -crossing the park open and we were able to simply walk down the side and stand pretty near to the stage.

I cannot say that the cast list was great (Leo Sayer, Engelbert Humperdink, Ronan Keating anyone?) But an exception was the fabulously talented Katherine Jenkins.

It was however a very festive evening, although I still do not understand why Australians still sing about snow in August and have not adapted Christmas traditions to suit their own climate!


Judy said...

Hi! to you Helen in Australia,

But we do have a few of our own locally written carols Six Whit Boomers(Kangeroos) an a lively one about an emu and others, they just dont schedule them anymore for Carol services.

Hope you are enjoying OZ.

Hilary Metcalf said...

Um - I am a bit lost on the reference to August?? Glad you are enjoying Oz - I was born in England and came here as an eleven year old - it took me about 20 years to start associating summer, crickets, shimmering heat with Christmas -and it isn't easy when everywhere you go, you hear Bing Crosby crooning about White Christmases! Ah the trials of Antipodean life.