Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Happy Christmas!

Holiday greetings to you - whether you celebrate Christmas or not - from the Qantas lounge at Melbourne Airport. We have a 50 min stop here en route between Sydney and Launceston, Tasmania, where we are to be the guest of my Dad's brother Barry, his wife Diana and I expect at least some of my three cousins for Christmas. We have not seen these family members since they were over in the UK some fifteen years or so ago. But, Barry is a perfect cross between my Dad and his other brother, Phil and so I am sure we will recognise them!

I have just seen on the news here that there is a high risk of bushfire in South Australia and of course my home country is currently under snow with people having problems travelling so I just wanted to say that I hope that wherever you are and whatever your plans are that you stay safe over the coming days and that you find happiness in whatever you do.

And that Santa puts fabric in your stockings. Or around your dreidel/ Kwanzaa kinara. Or just leaves it on your door step!

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Judy said...


He did leave fabric WOW!

Hope you are having a great stay in Tassie.