Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Dreamers

I have learned that the best way for me to 'do' a museum is to turn up, ignore most of it and concentrate on one section that really interests me and to take my sketchbook along and really focus on what is there and what it implants in my head.

So, one day in Sydney I went to the Art Gallery of new South Wales to see the Dreamers exhibition. Unfortunately photography is forbidden, but you too can see most but not, sadly, all my favourite pieces, on this short video by the curator which gives you a pretty good idea.

If you watch it behind his shoulder and later again on the video appear several standup figures. Those did capture my imagination and lead to all kinds of thoughts as to how I might achieve a quilt dealing with Jewish Divorce issue which has been in my head a while waiting for me to get the technical capacity to achieve it. Those pieces were done by Judy Watson and her other pieces not shown also grabbed me as although they were pastels they could easily have been screen printing.

The video also shows one piece by Kitty Kantilla which was the other artists whose work set off all kinds of fireworks. One which is not shown struck me as a painted stitch sampler - if that makes any sense! You can see lots of examples of her work here

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California Fiber artist and composer said...

Your choice of art is fantastic. Dealing with get's and the power men have over them may be tougher