Sunday, December 20, 2009

More men

To add to my list of types of men from Christchurch I have to add the mostly naked musician type from Sydney.
I like to learn about other cultures and so I was pleased when the Australia Museum advertised a free display of Aboriginal dance and music on Sunday afternoons. It was fascinating to learn about how the sounds made on a digeridoo are not just random dronings but imitations of various animals, and to learn how the lips and circular breath are used to vary the sounds. When we encountered it again on the streets we were much better informed.
Of course, musuems run on budgets and small ones at that so when they said a 'dance display', they actually meant getting gullible tourists to volunteer for the cultural experience of doing an Emu Dance to the didgeridoo... Thank goodness Dennis was not snapping at the part where I had to shake my feathers!

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