Saturday, February 09, 2008

Two and a bit hours in

I hate this quilt!

I have to do 31 rows. I have done 10 and every single one has required unpicking. Sometimes I have had to unpick the resewns stuff. Grrr. One problem is keeping track of what goes where even though I have just spread all the pieces over the table in order and numbered with a scrap of paper. It is a Kaffe Fasset quilt and the fabrics are cut so that they blend which is great overall but when you are trying to get a horizontal pattern to be constructed in diagonal rows with blending fabrics - OY!!

Dennis wondered through when I was re-unpicking. This is a kit he bought me at great expense to him so I want to do it well but asked,
"Which do you want: perfect or finished?"
"Its meant to be fun for you."
"it would be if these points would ever match."
He peers. No doubt he remembers that this was the kit from the shop that only sent half of it and we had to complain about their service.
"Well, then," he says in his best encouraging voice, "it must be cut badly."
Deep breath, "I CUT IT!"
He slunk out and is now watching rugby well out of shouting range.

Oh well, back to work. I'm having a break at 3.30 though.


Quilt Pixie said...

it'll be beautiful when constructed... and can always be used as a background to an applique :-) And just think It'll be out of the "someday pile!!

Helen said...

"It must be cut badly"? What was the man thinking!!