Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Help needed!

I am looking for web tutorials / good books on the following topics - any recommendations please? I want books that are worth buying for the fact they contain a number of techniques not just a gallery of quilts:

(a) Button making
(b) hanging tabs and loops for wall hangings
(c) decorative edges for quilts
(d) fastenings - zips, buttonholes, button loops etc.

Brenda has recently posted a great list of tutorials for quilt facings so I am sorted for that!

Thank you


Carla said...

I like a book by Sally Collins called "Borders, Bindings and Edges." Love the Kaffe quilt!

Jennifer said...

When you say edges, do you mean borders or binding? I have a border book I'd be delighted to include in my box to you....

Melusine said...

What sort of buttons are you talking about - Elizabethan, Dorset, embroidered-or-beaded-or-whatever covered buttons (to name but three)>