Friday, February 01, 2008

Last post today I promise

Ok, three posts in one evening might look like am I sad person with no life ( particularly as it is Friday) but I just had to post to say that one of the nicest things ever just happened.

I posted my rant post ( see below) with a little tredipation and was just delighted to get two comments almost instantaneously while I was still online. Nice ones too! I Lur-ve this internet thing. How amazing that someone in Kansas City is reading me! But that's not really it!

The Kansas City lady is Jacqui who was a new name to me so I wondered if she was one of the people I had just got an email to move to the members list in my Quiltland ring. Checked ringsurf and there she was. Welcome! I have no idea how she found me ( I hope she is about to comment and tell me!) and am amazed that so many people are coming to play with me on a blog I don't even update as often as this one and which has not a sensible sentence on it.

But thats not it either.

Also in the wait list for membership was Garnered Stitches. That blog I recognised as she has been kind enough to comment and email me before. So I added her to the list then went for a flick on her blog and I find an entry Called Wednesday WinP's ( apt given my sequence of recent nonrant posts) which has a section showing a quilt under a title reading,

2) Inspired by Helen Conway's "No Fear Quilt" blog date Sept 24th 2006

What? That's Meeeee!

She adds "This is going to become a raffle quilt for the church bazaar in November - best to start early! Helen's quilt,which I saw in an article she wrote in a quilting magazine, inspired me as I had the fabric and no idea what to do with it"

It is her interpretation of a pattern I made up for one my earliest quilts then used as an illustration for an article on shape. And someone read both the blog and the article and emulated it!!!!

Well that is just the most touching, exciting, honoring thing I have had happen to me for a long long time. Thank you so much, Alison!!

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Garnered Stitches said...

Thanks for the mention on this post. The quilt in question did inspire me and was really quick to make once I had the squares organised,(thank goodness for graph paper. I have the border fabric ready and this quilt will be the second on the Wednesday WiPs to be worked, as the Black & White Seminole has been waiting three years to be finished!

Glad you have had notification of my application to enter Quiltland. I hope Her Majesty Queen Helen will be gracious enough to allow me to enter as I'm sure I shall be a good & faithful citizen!