Monday, February 18, 2008

On my travels again

There will now follow a blog hiatus as I begin the first of my 2008 lecture tours (this one to Leeds - Wow! Why did I not go into a more international field of law?!) and then up to Mums' for the weekend
However, this does not mean a quilting hiatus. Coming with me to Leeds is:
1 sewing machine
1 large box containing coat pieces and african fabric from appliqueing to same ( coat to be constructed under supervision at class on Saturday)
1 bag containing Kaffe Fasset quilt to go to longarmer who is in Bradford and sort of on the way betwen Leeds and Penrith
1 large box containing the jungle quilt for embroidering in the hotel room
1 smaller box with bits of the water quit for piecing in said hotel room
1 cloth bag containing a collaboration quilt with Lesley in case I still need things to do in the evening in the hotel or after I do the coat in class
1 book on fabric journals
1 pile of old Quilting Art magazine both for inspiring a half thought through City and Guilds wall hanging that needs designing.
1 basket made by Berber ladies in Marrakech containng quiting journal, ottlight, smaller basket of threads , scissors, cutter, board, pincusion and machine leads.

All packed and then Dennis says, " Would there be room for me in the hotel if I came over on evening?" Ermmm.....!


Jennifer said...

How delightful he wants to come join you -- he'll be missing you! Surely he could sit carefully on some fabric or a stack of books?

Sara said...

I enjoy visiting your blog regularly--missing you now!
I now TAG you for Seven-Wierd/Random-Things-About-Myself. Details on my blog
Hope to know more about you soon!


Helen said...

There will be room, there just might not be any time!!