Sunday, February 03, 2008

Show girl / WinPs

I have just launched a 'Jealousy Quilt Show' over on my Quiltland blog - please come and play along with me!!

Meanhile over here in the real world I have been gearing up for my project day with Jennifer by actually working on some WinPs as well as photgraphing them! So I am pleased to say that my prevoiusly drafted posts are now out of date. So I give you the 'before' (with extracts of original text) and the new after photos. I hope this encourages you to get out your WinPs on 9th Feb with us ( or any other day) - it is amazing what you can finish in a short time that has been lurking for months!

'How many fish in the deep blue sea?':


"This rail fence is not this muddy colour at all - rather a bright turquoise. Made because my City and Guilds 'teacher' said she wanted us to bring somthing strip pieced for the next week then never mentioned it again. That woman does annoy me these days! It just needs quilting and binding." (And the creases taking out!!)

The quilting thread on the front blends and so is hard to photo but hopefully here you can see the fishies to match the feature fabric on the front.
'Blues and twos'


This 'nee-naw'quilt was started in Bath in October 2007 because Dennis saw the fabric on a trip to Midsomer Quilting and said that the little boy inside him was excited by it. I pieced it and fused the letters whilst on holiday but didn't have my machine. (Got talked into that one - never again!) so it remains unfinished. It needs applique stitches, quilting and binding.


Bound with this backing backingbrought forward and quilted with wavy lines and large stippling

'Electric Avenue'.

Another remnant from my convergence class. made with fabrics from Brixton market's african shops. Meant to be clever clever but it won't lie flat. I am told by Yvonne ( at Morceau) that all my twisted seams might have a lot to do with that! She told me to unpick amd resew the twisted bits or at least to clip them, but it has been in the box since. She also kindly pointed out that piecing polycottons on the bias so much won't help either. Jeez. You try to be creative and it turn out there are all these rules.....!You will notice that my inabilty to do maths has affected the triangles too. I wanted to do a convergence quilt that didn't look like all over convergence quilts! Its the usual squarish panel cut into triangles.

It is not perfectly flat but this photo is of it firmly pinned to the carpet and I reckon it is near enough that with firm pin basting ( reluctantly I think I might need more than spray on this one) and persuasive quilting, this might well now work enough to complete it. You can't see it here but the black fabric has great texture on it so I might well follow that for the quilting. The geese are thre dimensional.


Jennifer said...

Great stuff! I'm finding, too, that I'm constantly finding things to clean up, sort out, throw out, give away -- preparing for the day, and anticipating a new leaf where I keep up with things and don't let horrors accumulate really has me behaving much better. I love all the progress you've made already.

kwilta said...

REally love this design - very effective. Hey didnt know we had another quilter in St Helens. Just wish we had a Quiltfabric shop
in town.