Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Die hard quilter

You know you are a die hard quilter when:
(a) you have a trip up and down to London in a day to speak at a conference and your brief case containes three quilt books for the train and Bonnie McCafferey's vid-casts on your Mp4 player
(b) you are speaking to several hundred people in Kensington Townhall on the relevance of Capital Gains tax hold over relief as applied to the transfer of business assets on divorce when, mid-sentence you think, "Oh wow, look at the pattern the lights and tiles make on that ceiling."
(c) you spend the break between sessions on Kensington High Street sketching the applique-inspiring wrought iron work on the M&S building.
(d) you are delighted when you take a side road and find, on the corner of a quiet square a mosaic shop with the most quilty of designs which you photo on your mobile phone bitterly regretting not bringing te proper digital camera
(e) there is a problem with the points at Tamworth and your train is 35 minutes delayed on teh return journey but you are actually quite happy because it gives you more time to work on handpiecing the Katherine Guerrier scrap quilt pattern you just happen to have with you.

Incidentally for those who do not know London, Kensington is a world apart from where I live. I stopped to window shop in the estate agents and picked out a two bedroom flat for £1,850,000 ( thats US$ 3,597,625 , Euro 2,379, 691 or AUS $3,824, 646... I like this currency converter!) I was a little worried about the fact that the living room windows looked onto a car park though. I went into the Oxfam charity shop (Thrift shop, op shop and whatever you call in in European countries!) and all the clothes were designer gear, on wooden hangers, with identical gaps between the hangers like in a proper boutique. The second hand books section had a shelf of Christie's Fine Art Auction catalogues! I had a quick squint at the street parking sign near the mosaic shop to see how long you could pay and display and it said 'Diplomatic parking only at all times'.

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Threadspider said...

You surely have the quilt bug! Isn't it wonderful? Do you wake up at night working out free machine embroidery designs? That's something to look forward to!