Friday, February 01, 2008

Project Day Countdown 4

Thank you for your comments on my frothy quilt. Interestingly none of you said what I thought was the only sensible solution which was to unpick the borders (which are too long not too short) trim the triangles and resew. Which I would do if I was confident that I wouldn't overtrim and make them too small!

Today's WinP:
This is a very recent work in progress, a quilt based on an exhibition at the British Library in sacred texts from Christianity, Judaism and Islam. Mum has done all the embroidery, ( and much of the design so far despite protesting all the waythat she couldn't!) working very very hard to do a fantastic job and guess what - I goofed. Big time. Just what I was dreading doing afetr her enthusiastic work

The mistake in the sashing - the red line should continue- is easily fixable. But how did I miscalculate the size of the corner triangles so badly? !

This quilt tells me I should stick to what I do best - making up African quilts with random strips as I go.No pattern, no measurements. This I think needs some hours of concentration to add fabric to the triangles and to get cornerposts into the sashing right. Project Day on 9thFeb would give me that but on the otherhand, whilst this is a work in progress it is a very new one and has not ever actually been left, so does it really qualify for the special day's project? Plus it has several more borders to go which have not been fully designed yet so there is no chance I would actually finish it.

Finally - our chocolate quits are up on the Twelve by 12 blog if you haven' seen them yet.

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Quilt Pixie said...

could the small corner triangles be appliqued onto a larger piece of fabric, which is trimmed the right size for the corner? -- I hate those errors that there's just no undoing, only moving forward with a new plan...