Saturday, February 09, 2008

3 3/4 hrs in

Do you get the TV programme Supernanny where you are? I am sure if not, there is an equivalent. You know the scene where the nanny is trying to show the parent how to get the naughtiest child in the world to bed and they just have to keep dragging them back no matter how many times it takes? Eventually the child gets the message and starts to behave?

Well I feel it is a bit like that with me and this quilt, only I am not sure who is the nanny and who is the child but sometime soon one of us is going to win the battle! I have now done row 13. Jubilant because it was the first one where I didn't get a seam wrong I took it over to the design board to meet the others.... perfectly sewn... but with a patch missing. Grrrrr!!

Now let me say that I really love comments on my blog but I have to put Qult Pixie right on her last comment. This quilt cannot be used for applique background. It is 108 by 93.5 inches finished and if you think I am going to be covereing up even a quarter of that with more work you need your head feeling! The good thing about the quilt though is that the gift includes the costs of getting a longarm quilter to quilt and bind it so the piecing really will be the end for me. Or the end of me maybe... :)


Quilt Pixie said...

yup, that's one mighty quilt... no applique on that one!

go super nanny!!! you can master it

floribunda said...

we definitely have supernanny in the US, and I love watching even though (or perhaps BECAUSE) I have no children.

terificreations said...

Stitch that quilt into submission!