Saturday, February 09, 2008

At day's end

I finished my 'fun' (work?) for the day at ten past seven on a high - finally I had sewn not one but two rows of patches without unpicking anything! Really this is not a difficult quilt at all but I seem to be making heavy weather of it. I am happy I have finally broken its spirit ( go supernanny!) but disappointed I didn't get more done. It takes 20 mins to do the longest rows. I have 15 rows left but they get smaller and one would hope faster. However, sewing the rows together take time - I am estimating 5 - 7 hours more which mean 1 hr a day this week.

After ( same same but bigger!)
It is probably a sign of progress that I am now starting to think about names for this quilt. No doubt you can assist with ideas.

How about In praise of slow.

or I'd rather be in Massachusetts tidying Jennifers closet.

Or, have a friend who has a quilt ( made at a tricky time in her life) called I can't wait to leave the bastard. So I considered I can't wait to finish the bastard off but perhaps that's not suitable for the family quilt show market. ( Not that this is going to any show being a kit quilt!)


Garnered Stitches said...

Helen, this quilt will be amazing once finished and well worth the effort! The tornado that ripped through my workroom is slowly being tamed. It's 9.15pm and I'm just starting to put things back!!! I shall have to finish tonight or DH won't be able to go to bed as everything has been dump there! The day has been well worth it. Cheers for the idea!

Laura Jane said...

Perhaps it could be called 'Conway conquers Kaffe with Transatlantic stubbornness'?

Superb progress Helen, its going to be gorgeous (especially as it was cut by YOU). Bless Dennis for trying to shift any blame.

Its not a case for blame, just perseverance.

Well done.

Carla said...

I just have to cast a vote for Laura Jane's suggestion of a name: "Conway conquers Kaffe with Transatlantic Stubbornness." Of course, I like "I can't wait to finish the bastard off," as well. Whatever you name it, it IS beautiful!

Quilt Pixie said...

Knew you had it in you to be super nanny :-)

Sounds like you got far enough on it to get over the "hump"...

Anonymous said...

Great Job Helen, this is one quilt that will bring pleasure in the realization that you took on a huge challenge, conquered it and won!

it is a beautiful quilt

Jennifer said...

It's fabulous. About about "I made this AND made Jennifer clean up her mess at the same time!" I do love it, and I'm glad you tamed the bastard.

Ken, btw, tried to have a "but I'm the most supportive husband of a crafter there can be" conversation, but Dennis had him knocked without even trying. "HE put away ALL the Christmas decorations," I said, and Ken was a broken man.

I'm still working away here at cleaning up, and I still hear your voice inspiring me to throw out/give away the stuff I never should have kept, and I have you to thank for the accomplishments. Will we be doing this again?