Friday, February 08, 2008

Project Day Is Here - Post 1

In just a few minutes I get to have my first email chat with Jennifer and then we set to doing out 'Don't- want - to- but- know - I -should' tasks for the day. Of course I get the benefit of starting at noon my time and so planned to fortify myself for the task with a traditional English breakfast. I might love fancy restaurant but sometimes you just can't beat a well cooked English Breakfast

This greasy spoon is right near my sisters house. I just love the name. I didn't love the fact that it was, without explanation closed when we got here. Bummer. Next best optionis about sven miles the other direction at the chain Little Chef. But, they do have an American style option so in deference to Jennifer I ordered that. ( This Dennis posing!)

And of course having eaten this we need no more than light snacks for the rest of the day so I am off cooking duties and onto quilting - yipee!

I feel like curling up with a book right now but no, I am off to unpick my mispieced quilt and put it back together. Progress reports later.

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Jennifer said...

How wonderful! It's funny, Dean and I watched the Wallace and Gromit short this morning "Autochef," when Wallace orders "English breakfast" and we thought of you -- but there you were, having American instead. Sorry Belly Busters was closed, but you appear fortified and ready to make great things to happen....