Sunday, August 31, 2008

Elephant mania

I wasn't going to do a blog tonight becuase I am all enthusiastic about a new wallhanging I am making for the challenge I posted about at Quiltland and busy taking preliminary steps. Nothing to show so far - I have just been spreading fabrics and threads about and playing with painting Lutrador and ironing Angelina both for the first time.

However, there are times when research ( searching for an elephant shape) throws up stuff you just have to share like:

1. My original inspiration for this piece from Stef Francis' gallery (although mine is a quilt not a pure embroidery)

2 This Amazingly intricate ATC from paper embroidery

3. Embroidered costumes for elephants to wear in case you needed a present for your pet Dumbo

4. Bedspread from Berber trading which has lots of other goodies to buy too

5. 1930's children elephant hat amongst an array of these ornate Chinese textile hats

6. This must make elephant pin cushion.

I will leave you to all this eye candy for a couple of days as we are departing tomorrow for a cunningly expenses paid shop hop. ( It seems to me to be a very American thing to do and I always wanted to join in).

I planned a day's lecturing on Tuesday which is to be held at the very attractive Risley Hall near Derby. I get an overnight stay as part of my package and the hotel do not charge extra for Dennis to stay. I also get mileage for the journey so I thought we might as well stop along the route. I booked the work for Tuesday because Monday is my 'work at home day'. So I swapped my work to today and we are going on a little tour of embroidery, patchwork and bookshops with the odd gallery and tea shop thrown in. Then to the hotel in time to use the pool before using my meal allowance at the nearby Bengal Spice. I would say pity about the fact I then have to teach all day but as that is funding the shop hop I should not complain! I will give you a photo tour on my return.

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Garnered Stitches said...

My DH is a bit of an Elephant lover, we have numerous wooden , pottery and metal elephants in the lounge so I was rather taken with the elephant bedspread - could I make something similar as sofa throws - probably, putting it on the "ideas to make" list!
Have a fun time on your working break!
best wishes