Thursday, August 14, 2008

As this post arrives on your screen, I shall be at Festival of Quilts having a whale of a time. I thought I'd schedule a post, though, to publicise the Butteryfly Project from the Holocaust museum in Houston.

They are seeking 1.5 million handmade 2 dimensional butterflies in any media, no larger that 8 inches by 10 inches by June 30th 2011. Now no one can tell me you are too busy to make that deadline! Just write it down so you don't forget!

There will be a special exhibit in Spring 2012 with each butterfly representing a child killed in the Holocaust. Please join in. I feel very stongly that the Holocaust ( and indeed other mass killings) should be remembered not only in an attenpt to stop it ever happening again, but also because I feel that through us, the victim's memories live on and so the aim of the Final Solution is in a small way defeated and reupdiated.

If you feel the same then you can join me in joining the Guardian of Memory scheme through Yad Vashem where you are linked with one victim to honor. It doesn't cost anything but thought.


Jennifer said...

What a magnificent idea, and connection -- thank you for sharing all of this and I'm off to get involved....

Lily said...

I read your blog pages at the end of each month. I love the idea of the butterflys. WHere to I get the instructions from for making them? We are off for a month to England so I will have time on the flight to make some.