Friday, August 08, 2008

European travels 2

Before I introduce more photos, let me plug Dianne's idea - she is going to have an Olympics project to be done by hand whilst watching the Games - see her post here. Lots of people are joining in. I shall be doing my African Folkelore embroidery. What will you do?

Also another plu g for Uk quilters. Brenda Smith will be teaching at Midsomer Quilting on 12th October. I am travelling down for the class and I know she is keen to have other UK bloggers there also.

The next stop on our travels was Berlin - we went to see the Jewish Museum there but first stop was a sewing stop by Alexanderplatz called Zick Zack NahweltIt was not very impressive - the shelves you see here are the whole collection of quilting fabrics but - hey, you only need one shelf to choose and the second half metere for my souvenir quilt put a smil on my face.

Since we last went to Berlin there has been a lot of building work and the Sony Centre at Potsdammer Platz is one of the places to go for food and entertainment. Oh, and amazing patterns in the glass walls and from the tented roof.


Vicki W said...

Those are great photos - lots of inspiration there!

Rayna said...

ok, Helen, I WANT these photos. Wish I had taken them - I can see them as art in the cloth and they would make fabulous screens, as well. You have a wonderful eye.

Jennifer said...

Sounds (and looks) as though your trip was lovely -- eager to see what the quilt will end up looking like!