Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Inane drivel

I will post details of my shop hop when I get home but for now I am at work and so photo-less and killing time so I thought Id tell you about a conversation I had with Dennis that highly amused my small brain last night.
American friends are coming to our area and I have promised them a whistle stop tour. Trying to think of the highlights of Liverpool I remembered this now famous statue ( which has now been duplicated with many differently coloured clones popping up around the city). Dennis demurred calling it 'scary'.
'How can it be scary?' I ask, 'Its half dog half banana. What's scary about that?"
'Exactly." he replies.
Hard to answer that so I kept silent.
But he ruminates about these things.
"Why is it a banana?" he asks, genuinely perplexed.
I lost interest in this long long ago, "Oh, I don't know. Its a zen thing. Accept it. half dog. Half banana. It just is"
"But," he says, with that tone in his voice he gets, knowing that he is about to be funny, "If its going to be half fruit shouldn't it be half paw-paw?"
I thought it really funny until I searched just now to find you a photo of the half dog and half banana and found out it is in fact a half - lamb.
Never knew that.
There you go. Have to go back to work now.
Aren't you glad I stopped by to waste your time?


Quilt Pixie said...

Face is very lamb-ish, but it'd be far from a waste of time if you could show me a 1/2 bannana, 1/2 lamb, 1/2 dog -- just think you would have changed math as we know it and become world famous (OK at least in the geeky circles)

Given the great "pointing" action of the tail I'm wondering what it's looking at... :-)

Susan D said...

The Super Lamb Banana was the original work of Japanese-based artist Taro Chiezo..... The unusual artwork was created to warn of the dangers of genetically modified food, whilst being appropriate to the city of Liverpool due to the port's rich history in the trade of lambs and the import of bananas. (taken from website). Have you seen the giant spider in L,pool????

Kristin L said...

So, if a paw-paw was the appropriate fruit to hybridize with a dog, what's the best one for a lamb? Maybe a Baaa-nana does make sense...

Garnered Stitches said...

Whether it's a lamb, or a dog the first thought I had on seeing them on a recent trip to Liverpool was "SCARY"! Sadly I forgot the camera that day so can't show you the others - the Beatle Lambanana was really freaky! See the website on Susan d's message to see - it could give Dennis nightmares
best wishes

floribunda said...

wow -- I thought for sure that was a big hoax... and now I know why I must get to Liverpool one of these days! by the way, the website that Susan posted should read:

Gina said...

What about showing them that Giant Spider that was on the building next to the railway station. There is a rumour that it's going to be walking around the city on the weekend.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Anonymous said...

I love Bakewell, years ago i have spent many time down by the stream that runs down by the town, and parking there i agree,
Shops are great to , i not been there for at least 6 years and im not that far away from bakewell, The pudding shop has yummy real bakewell puddings,
Take me with you next time,