Monday, August 25, 2008

Design inspiration

Anyone interested in design could usefully add Beautiful Muslimah's blog to their reading list for a while. Aside from providing an interesting insight into the views of an observant Muslim Canadian convert/ revert to Islam, it is a feast of inspiration. Her main focus is to provide a never ending array of fashion abaya. Now the abaya is often thought of as 'that big sack that Saudi women wear'. Think again. It is truly amazing how many varieties of this garment (and indeed the accompanying headscarf and face veil) there are and how many ways to wear a hijab headscarf. The shapes, embellishments, lines and in many of the pictures even colours would all give textile designers of whatever sort food for thought.

More, these garments are in most cases simply beautiful. I know those who wear them aim for modesty and would not wish to draw attention to themselves in a vain way, but this blog shows that it is possible to be both a good Muslim and interested in fashion. Check it out for a while!


Quilt Pixie said...

thanks for the wonderful link. SHe's got some lovley fashion shots going there :-)

Garnered Stitches said...

Interesting blog - but how on earth did you find it? What do you and Google get up to when DH's back is turned?
Oh, and by the way, there's only one man who gets to kiss my stretch marks!!! No, it's not 007!
best wishes