Thursday, August 07, 2008

European travels 1

Hi! I am back home for a stop of about 36 hours before setting off again tomorrow for class at Penrith via Blackburn County Court. While I was away I began a fabric collection game for a Souvenir quilt. The Rules were:
1. One FQ of fabric each shop. (In fact I changed that rule in the first quilt to one half meter!)
2. I started with a focus fabric and added fabrics which all had to combine into one quilt.
3. The design was to be based on something I saw as I travelled.

Sadly my camera batteries died tonight so you will have to wait for the first photos of the actual fabrics but here is a summary of my first stop - London.

Work was punctuated by a delighful day at Hampton Court. First stop Creative Quilting ( which I forgot to photo - doh!) - spoils to be shown later. Then I got to meet Kate North - her American accent suprised me. Have you noticed how you read all blogs in your own accent?! The photo above was taken by her eldest daughter Sarah. Kate suprised me with a lovely package of African fabrics from her stash all nicely wrapped in a ribbon and her daughter Olivia kindly swapped me the chocolate from the base of cereal her snack bar for a piece of my cream scone.

The Palace was full of Henry VIIIth history for Dennis and patterns for me. Dig these chimney pots!

We also fitted in a visit to the October Gallery which has some great African art

including this 'cloth' by El Anatsui made of bottle caps.

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Rayna said...

Isn't this bottle cap art amazing? I have seen his work several times at museums and am always amazed at how fluid they are. Incredible! I'd kill for one of these in my house.

Your trip looked like it had an interesting and diverse itinerary - what was the best part for you?