Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Festival website roll

The water is back on at a trickle so it is with a mug of tea and a bar of Caramac that I sit and work through all the leaflets and cards I picked up at Festival and explore all the websites on them.

Here are some for your viewing pleasure. ( You need only supply your own beverage and chocolate.)

My clever Twelveby12 friends sometimes refer to using thermoscreens and I always wondered what they were. I saw some at festival and they seem like stencils to me. Turns out they are not so mysterious after all. I now want some ( of course!) This site provides ready made ones or you can have your own custom made.

The association of swiss quilters. Notable for the quilty ecards you can send from this site.

Europes first quilt museum created by the UK Quilters Guild in York. Newly opened this year.... juts a few weeks after my business trip to York, planned so I could 'do' the museum. Ooops, got that wrong!

Source of the delicious handdyed fabric I bought at Festival. Go to the Buy Fabrics page to see a short U Tube video about the fabric and how they were used in one quilt. They also sell threads which I can confirm are equally delicious. This is Laura Wasilowski's site and I was delighted when she commented on my blog post about buying her fabric. Anyone else get excited when some one 'famous' reads their blog?!

This stall will be my first stop at the Knitting and Stitching Show in November. By then I hope I will have completed my first embrodiery - simple African fokelore kits and be ready for these lucious embroidery kits which promise to teach me techniques so I no longer need a kit and also to allow experimentation with the kit to produce original work. Definately not twee cross stitch. Also products for those of you who don't need kits.

Their FAQs page has really good information about what Lutrador is - one of my experimental products acquired this week!

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doni palmgren said...

Helen,just to let you know that after reading your blog yesterday, I ordered myself a Stef Francis kit. I don't have a clue what the cost will be, I am on the west coast of the USA, but I was soooo excited.

About quilts and quilt judging. The comment on one I entered was "Nice back". Hmmmm.