Tuesday, August 12, 2008

European quilt progress

One of the skills a lawyer needs is to be able to give the court an accurate ELH ( estimated length of hearing) for a case. Too long and you run the risk of being given a date far, far into the future and then annoying a Judge. Too short and you run the risk of going 'part heard' ( having to come back mid way through a case on a different day) or even not being allowed to start the case and either way you are going to annoy a judge.

If you are a judge then some days, you need to juggle a list with a lot of cases in it, all listed together, and you need to assess which ones you will have time to get done and which might have to be released to a different judge. Or indeed whether the lawyers - who are desperate not to get sent away are being over optimistic when they revise ther estimates downwards.

If you will excuse the lack of modesty, in both roles I am very good at this. So how come I always totally underestimate the time quilt things take? I fully intended to do the next step European quilt last night but - do you have any idea how long it takes to cut out and fuse 126 leaves the size of your thumbnail?
You do? Oh, well bully for you. Bet you don't know how long an application to set aside judgemet takes do you?

Anyway - ten of sixteen blocks now look like this.


Rhondee said...

I hear you. I often think about cloning myself so that one me could cut the fabrics; another me could press the fabrics; another me could sew the pieces together and the other me could rest....LOL..take care and my things go faster for you.

Vicki W said...

LOL! I understand completely. I am putting together projects for my annual Craft Week. One part of me really believes I can complete al of these things. The other part knows that I need a year of full time days to get these projects done!

Quilt Pixie said...

I think under estimating a hobby is really easy as we simply "putter away" at things, and so when we've spent the day on something we can't say whether its truly a 4 hour project or took 6 or 3...

Gina said...

I completely understand.
But can you tell me why one day I can make 10 blocks but on another day I struggle to get 3 of the same block made. Does somebody change the number of minutes in an hour?

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Kristin L said...

It looks really pretty though!