Saturday, August 30, 2008

Computer blues

I know that computer aided design is all the thing now and I can see the benefits. But days like today just put me off. I am making a quilt which requires wording printed onto fabric. ( No sneak preview for reasons you will see below but see the Twelve by 12 reveal on 1st October for the end result.)

I Bubble jetted some fabric. No problem.
I typed up the wording, spaced it out the way it needed to be and saved.

I created a document to test print it - nope, printer will not work. It tells me there is an error. This I know because is no printing coming out. It is not, despite my furious clicking, able to tell me what kind of error it is but I suppose all I need to know is that it is a no printing coming out kind of error, which I do know.

Three quarters of an hour later I decide it is just being plain naughty and do the electronic version of smacking its bottom. (Its OK. Social services cannot get you for that.). I uninstall it. Then of course I have to reinstall it. Which I started ages ago. Long enough ago that I have read all my unread blog subscriptions for last week and reached the end of the internet and it is still reinstalling.

So, thanks for the Photoshop and all that but I'll stick with pen and sketchbook for a while I think.

PS As I finished typing the above I looked over and reaslied that somthing purple was just peeking out from the crack at the side of the printer where it opens to put in new ink. I opened it up and retrieved a scrap of purple fabric and a pin. I have no idea how they got there. Think that might be a clue to the error? It is now printing happily on my fabric.


Gerrie said...

Fabric that is pierced with a pin, and not given proper attention, will find a way to get your attention — especially the purple variety! :)

Kristin L said...

This reminds me of Saturday Night Live's Emily Litela, who, after a long rant that was always off topic, would sheepishly say in a teeny voice, "Nevermind."