Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Quilt titles

Yesterday I was listening to Annie Smith podcasts (I'm still getting through back issues and dread the day I am up to date and have to wait for the next one) In an interview with her Mark Lipinksi said two things I really liked.

First - the reason he thinks its Ok to buy fabric to make quilts that will never get made? Because we are not buying quilts we are buying the dream of that quilt. Well exactly. Plus he says just looking at the fabric makes him happy. Exactly too. In fact I get added value for my stash because I dry my hair in the room I store it in. Sometimes I pull out the baskets and just have it around me as I blow dry ( if you look at it in the mirror as well there is twice as much of it!) and each piece of fabric has now appeared in several dream quilts before it gets put away again.

Second - he relaxes by designing quilts on his laptop as he watchs TV and designs far more than he makes. But the bit I liked was that he names his quilts after what is going on in his life or on the news he is watching.

So, adopting that idea, the designs for embellished boiled wool jackets I was scribbling on scraps of paper during scraps of time as I spent my day at Southport County Court are called:

* "I wish I had bought that bacon butty for breakfast."
* "You seriously expect me to believe that?"
* "Judgment for the claimant."
* "Remind me not to eat salt and vinegar crisps with a mouth ulcer."
* "What do you mean, is it OK for instructing solicitors to deliver 600 pages of medical reords to my house for me to read before 10am tomorrow?"

Guess how I am spending the rest of my evening?


Calender Page said...

I see you said only good things about Mark Lipinski -- maybe his body guard won't attack you.
About the chopped up 9-patch and your African fabric, it's a great way to showcase designs if you use 5 or 6 inch squares -- then the quilt is super fast to make and you're a fast sewer ... go for it!

Quilt Pixie said...

don't dye of the paper cuts that sound like they're coming your way as you try to crawl out from all those pages.... :-0

Nikki said...

I love the names. They would answer that age old question of "What in the world was she thinking?"

Helen said...

And the cheese is still missing??

Carol said...
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Carol said...
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Carol said...
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