Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Project day countdown 7

This is the one I probably want to work on during my day on Saturday (9th) with Jennifer but maybe that would not be in the spirit of the day as this is the work in progress I am most actively working on. I know it doesn't look like much progress since I showed the top but there are a huge number of templates all cut out and labelled. I am using machine blanket stitch with a 30 weight embroidery thread

See the light green lilly leaves and the two pointy green leaves above them? Well that little blue patch above it got all puckered. I think I left a wrinkle when I fused the larger leaves to the right. I think a little butterfly or insect might have to land about there!

The jungle applique extends right up both sides and includes a big giraffe head. I am very excited about getting to quilt in all the leaf veins and lizard scales and the like. Or actually probably machine embroider before quilting which will be a first! Maybe this can be my treat for working on something less enticing that needs finishing?

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