Thursday, January 17, 2008

Grand theft cheese / my desk

OK. Own up. I know it was someone.
This morning there was a packet of cottage cheese unopened in the fridge. Now it is not there. Dennis was the only one in the house today. He won't have eaten it because he doesn't like it. He denies throwing it out. And I believe him. (Because I went out in the rain and checked the bin!) So, if you have eaten it could you let me know. It's OK. Sometimes you get a craving and you've just got to have someone else's cheap packet of supermarket own brand cheese. I understand. I will not prosecute. But it would be good to know I am not going mad.

Now, Calender Pages tagged me for a picture of my desk. I am delighted to respond because for once it is not a complete tip. I did not tidy a single thing for these photos!

We use our third bedroom as a study so it's hard to photo because there's not much distance. This is from the door

These boxes I got for Chrsitmas. I am sure my friend meant me to store quilt things in them (Les, in my defence the others are in my sewing room except the little one which is packed with threads for our class on Saturday!) but the three biggest from the set now have (a) family work (b) civil work (c) personal paperwork in them. This system does work well to keep things sorted and tidy but I worry that it is also out of sight and therefore out of mind. I am the kind of person who has no problem with stuff on the floor because then I know where it is. Until I suddenly get fed up with mess then out of the blue it drives me mad. Which is how it all ended up in these boxes.

The quilt on the chair is made out of scraps of Afican fabrics. The photo on the sill is of a boy called Mapholobo from South Africa, one of five children we sponsor. The filing cabinet was a reject from the Police years ago - it was going in a skip because it doesn't have an anti-tilt mechanism on it so Dad took it for us. Apparently it is OK if we get killed when it falls on us.I should maybe explain that Dad is not a thief. He is an ex-copper and it was his cabinet and he had permission! He also made the desks for us. The purple and red books on the second shelf up are multiple copies of the last 2 law boks I wrote

This one is taken from where the printer is and shows my barrister's gown and the two blank walls which one day will house wallhangings I make just for me!The space is there, the time is not.

I now tag Diane to show her desk becuase she too is a lawyer and quilter.


Calender Page said...

Beautiful, beautiful!You wear a gown but no wig? My theory is the same gremlin who took off the oil cap sneaked in and ate the cheese, maybe you need an exorcist. I very much enough your blog.

Quilt Pixie said...

it was the "not me" ghost :-) I promise as a quilt pixie I only borrow quilting related products (and chocolate for energy to use said products...

Garnered Stitches said...

How tidy your room is! Do you actually sew in there? I claimed my son's room when we all changed bedrooms after we had an extention, this put DH's nose out of joint as he had his eye on it for his study. I have now compromised after inheriting my Grandfather's writing cabinet and share the room with him (Well he did drive all the way to Bolton to collect it for me), but sadly we can't be in there at the same time so I have to go back to sewing in the sitting room like I did before the extention! Then he has the cheek to complain about the bits of thread and fabric on the carpet!

Does your gremlin like necklaces as I have still to find my son's teacher's christmas gift I bought in November?

Diane said...

Wow, that's frighteningly tidy! I'm impressed. I'm sure that it reflects the orderliness of your mind, too, you clever woman. What are the books that you have written???